WHo we are: 

Teamworx is an independent management consulting firm that specializes in helping teams become more effective. We use our proprietary  Team Effectiveness™model to help leaders and teams reduce friction and politics and increase productivity. We help organizations align their business strategy with their planning and execution processes in order to ensure that the work of the organization gets done.


Why Teamworx? 

At Teamworx, we believe the ability to work effectively on a team, and to create and lead highly effective teams is more than just a core personal and business competency – it’s the foundation of effective leadership. Organizations and leaders that invest in developing highly effective teams are creating sustainable competitive advantage. Organizations that don’t, often end up with ineffective teams that waste time and money. Dysfunctional teams ultimately become a disruptive and corrosive force, destroying morale and sapping the collective will to excel.

Team applications:
Problem Solving
Effective teams engage in collaborative and purposeful problem solving. They leverage the collective intelligence of the entire team to create better solutions. They work to unlock the potential of each team member, so that the entire team can benefit from every team member’s unique set of cognitive preferences.
Decision Making
In order to get things done, effective teams make decisions. They know when to end the discussion and input stages of collaboration. They balance deliberation with decisiveness, and they know when it is time to make a decision that the entire team can get behind.
Effective communication involves not only the ability to convey information, but also the ability to actively listen to what is being said, in order to benefit from the information being provided. Our cognitive preference affect both how (and how much) we express ourselves, and how we engage in listening. Effective teams know how to take advantage of each members’ individual communication strengths, in order to clearly and cogently communicate to produce superior outcomes.
Strategic Planning
Strategic planning involves envisioning our place in an increasingly uncertain future state. Thinking about the future – imagining, envisioning, innovating – all involve complex acts of cognition that call upon different cognitive preferences. Effective teams understand and engage the unique strengths of each team member in the process of creating their collective future.
Planning and Execution
Making and executing plans involves making trade-offs between alternative courses of action. Some team members need to clearly understand the pathway to successful execution in order to embark on the journey, while others are content to “follow their nose” and create the plan on the fly. Both of these preferences have their place. Effective teams engage in the right planning and execution approach for the right circumstances.

How Effective is your Team?

Hear What Our Clients Have to Say…

“Our greatest opportunity has been to set stretch goals that everyone buys into and then to build plans that can be realistically implemented. Teamworx has worked with us to develop a tightly integrated planning process that has engaged our executive team constructively with each other. Together, we’ve set some very ambitious objectives. These have led us to create and execute plans that are having a strong impact on our business.” Client President and CEO

“We started with the Teamworx program for developing highly effective teams earlier this year. The insights that we’ve gained about how we work, individually and collectively, have helped to create a more cohesive and aware team. Our sessions produce insights the team can use every day — and they do!” Client Director, Process Improvement

“Integrating the Teamworx process into our strategic and operational planning efforts has resulted in a more focused and productive approach to planning. Our executives have gained insights into their own particular strengths and challenges as they engage in the planning exercise but more importantly, they have come to understand how to leverage their individual strengths to create superior results. These personal insights have lead to a more productive and cohesive team environment. Client SVP HR

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