How we do what we do

Collect Individual Profile Data

  • Identify participants and issue online invitations
  • Collect preference data
  • Schedule & conduct feedback sessions

Analyze data and prepare workshop

  • Review individual data
  • Consolidate data at team level
  • Review with sponsor
  • Draft workshop materials

Conduct Team Effectiveness workshop(s)

  • Facilitate workshop discussions
  • Document outcomes

Feedback to sponsor and team

  • Review workshop outputs with team leader
  • Prepare and deliver post-workshop materials
Teamworx begins by collecting and sharing information about cognitive preferences These preferences about how we think and how we act shape our interactions with our team members and our environment.



Every individual on the team has a distinct set of cognitive preferences that influence how they communicate, frame business issues, gather information, make decisions, and act on the decisions they make.  Sharing preference data helps each person on the team develop an in-depth awareness of their own unique preferences related to cognition and behaviour. These individual preferences are neither good nor bad, right nor wrong, better nor worse than the preferences of any other individual on the team.

Our focus is on helping each individual understand how the world works for them.

Working with the team leader, we craft a highly customized series of working sessions designed to engage the entire team. These working sessions create an appreciation among team members about how their preferences interact, and illustrate how these interactions can contribute to the team’s ability to work effectively together.

Once we are clear on how the team’s preferences combine to create a unique team dynamic, we can focus on accommodation, helping team members leverage their individual diversities to even greater productivity.

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